What is Micromouse?

Micromouse is a robotics competition hosted by IEEE in which students design, develop, and program a robotic mouse to autonomously navigate a maze. While it sounds like an easy task, it will require your minds to perform at an extraordinary level as you start to apply the knowledge you acquire from coursework to the real test!

If you choose to join micromouse, there will be:

  • A group of 1-5 students in your team
  • Weekly meetings to give announcements and lectures
  • Build sessions for more focused help
  • A choice to participate in the Micromouse competition at the end of the year

Why you should join

    Micromouse is a project that gives engineers and computer scientists the hands-on experience they truly need! This project will teach you a great deal about electronics, circuit design, PCB design, and Arduino programming, which can set you apart from others professionally.

Theodore Tang

Micromouse Staff

Anthony Do

Micromouse Staff

Kaylee Xie

Micromouse Staff