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IEEE at University of California Irvine

IEEE at UC Irvine is a student organization dedicated to providing students opportunities to gain hands-on experience with projects in preparation for the real-world. Through our organization, students will be able to explore the field of engineering and hone new skills that are fundamental to developing state-of-the-art technology. We are dedicated to helping students become the succesful engineers they envision themselves to be so that they can advance technology for humanity in their own passion.



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Week 4: Python Workshop

Come learn about Python and its applications in circuit analysis after IEEE's second general meeting!


6:00-7:00 PM

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Get Involved

Our lab room located at ICS 225 should be back open in the Fall as a place to study, hang out, and work on projects. Until then, hang out with us on our Discord Server instead! The IEEE UCI Discord serves as the hub of all of our activities, including study help, career advice, workshops, socials and more. Join us on Discord and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our club and join in on the activities.

Open Project Space

OPS is a year long program where students get to build 9 projects in embedded programming and circuit design + 1 capstone project. Each project will be preceded by a lecture giving technical background on subjects pertaining to the upcoming project. Each student is required to pay a deposit to receive a kit with all of the parts need for all 10 projects. Upon successful completion of the program, your deposit is completely refunded and you get to keep all the parts!

Beginner Friendly

This program is specifically targeted towards students who have little to no experience with electrical engineering and aims to teach students the fundamentals of working with electronics.

Gain Hands On Experience

There are 4 total projects throughout the quarter that you will be working on which include working with MCUs(Arduino Nano) and other electronic components! Each project is supplemented by a mini lecture to explain the underlying fundamental concepts.

Remote? No Problem!

Although the school year may be remote, this doesn't stop us from providing an immersive educational environment. If accepted into the OPS program, a kit including all the necessary project materials will be shipped to you. You will also be able to interact with other students remotely and build a community of rising engineers!

Fall 2020

Thank you to all our participants in our Pilot OPS program 2020! We’ve shared some notable videos of each of the four projects here:




What is micromouse?

Micromouse is a robotics competition hosted by IEEE in which students design, develop, and program a robotic mouse to autonomously navigate a maze. While it sounds like an easy task, it will require your minds to perform at an extraordinary level as you start to apply the knowledge you acquire from coursework to the real test!



Who are we?

We are a club that is geared towards promoting IEEE's Micromouse Competition and helping it grow at UCI. We will be having weekly meetings and build sessions to help students in groups of 1-5, build a micromouse. Our goal is to reach out to engineering and computer science students to teach them about the competition and design process, with the eventual hope of building the foundation for a successful Micromouse program here at UCI.

Why should you join?

Micromouse is a project that gives engineers and computer scientists the hands-on experience they truly need! This project will teach you a great deal about electronics, circuit design, PCB design, and Arduino programming, which can set you apart from others professionally.




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