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We're a student-led embedded electronics course for beginners.

Create from Guided Projects

Our student members build embedded projects. No prior knowledge needed.

We host regular lectures and workshops.

Learn Core Concepts

  • Circuits
  • Microcontrollers
  • Soldering
  • Hardware Communication
  • PCB Design

We Provide Parts

You Pay A Fee

Receive a Partial Refund Upon Course Completion

Testimonials & Awards

OPS was an amazing experience... I think OPS is probably one of the best things I’ve spent my time on at UCI.

I enjoyed the relaxed, friendly learning environment. The staff are always willing and ready to help, both in person and remotely.

Having a hands on project taught by fellow students allowed for a safe space to explore the topics covered without stressing about grades or failing.

I really had a fun time in OPS and it gave me a solid foundation on electronics concepts that I would not have learned in any other class here at UCI.

Monkey man learns how to circuit. Circuit good and circuit complex sometime. Monkey master engineer. Monkey man evolve.

After my experience through this program, I got what I wanted: experience with integrated circuits, C++ coding, and even circuit design.

"Best Program"

Interested in Joining?

Sorry! Applications are unfortunately closed for this year. Sit tight, and we'll open them right back up next summer!